Live in carer personal assistant

Harlow, CM19
Tel: 07817924908

I am a personal assistant/live in carer .I have over 15 years of experience.I am used to working full-time positions,live in 24/7..I am also a yoga/pilates /Qi gong/Tai chi teacher .I use massage and lymphatic drainage therapy,I also work with bespoke diets and nutrition focused wellbeing.I am also happy to work with any food plan you wish.I have worked with a range of clients health issues .From heart transplant recipients to muscular dystrophy,ME , Epilepsy,heart failure,acute arthritis,stroke recovery, injury recovery,mental health , wheelchair and mobility assistance.I have also had several positions where I spend my time travelling with my clients and assisting them in Thier workplace.I also have had clients that I attends art galleries and events etc.I have often acted in a traditional P/A role , management of diaries , booking travel ,event planning , paperwork and managing/running household bills etc .I also attend hospital appointments and am happy to help in any way I can.