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BERRY AND ALMONDS– 100% Natural Artisan recipe. Upon opening the pack the berry aroma will quickly guide you to the tasty snack and its mighty ingredients – be prepared for the added bonus of nibbed almonds and Pea Protein boost!

It is Gluten Free, Vegan, Source of Fibre, has 6 ingredients and 101 calories only!

Our snacks are presented as a ball and are the perfect way to indulge a nutritious snack. The ball can be squeezed to ‘pop’ from the packaging and unlike typical snack bars, our balls can be opened and consumed by using one hand only. This makes it very convenient and ideal for consumers such as cyclists as not only enables to consume the snack on the go but also makes it safer to do so. The 30g ball is the perfect size and weight for a bite and its nutritional ratio of 3-2-1 (carbohydrates-protein-fibre) will sure provide you with the optimum nutritional balance to get the best start of your day!.

Ingredients: Dates, Almonds (nuts), Raisins, Pea protein, Berries and Natural Raspberry oil.