Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to post an ad?

If you want to place an advert just on our website, then its free. If you want the advert to go on our QromScreens then adverts starts from £7.50 for one box advert.

How long will my ad be visible on the screen?

Paid adverts will be on the screen for a minimum of 7 days and priced daily after 7 days.

Can Qrom.UK design an ad for me?

We have a small team of designers that can help you create a leaflet. Please use the contact us to let us know your requirement and someone in our team will give you a call.

Is there a limit to how many ads I can post at any given time?

Each user is limited to 10 free adverts at any given time. There is no limit on paid adverts.

What can’t I post on Qrom.UK or a QromScreen?

Please see our terms and conditions page. Generally most things are allowed. Items for sale, jobs, cars, houses for sale/rent are all typical type of adverts that are allowed. We currently don't have an adults only section on our website

Does Qrom.Uk have any additional features?

When placing adverts you can upload up to 10 pictures free
All free adverts are shown on our qromscreen for 1 day.
On our qromscreen you can use a business card or leaflet as your advert and it will be shown on our bright screens across London.

Further Questions

If you cannot find the questions you are looking for please contact us