We have 2 main services.

  • Website - Classifieds Website
  • QromScreens - digital screens in various locations across London that shows adverts on our website


Our website is upcoming and leading classifieds website catering for the UK. Our pages our optimised to be mobile and search engine friendly and we actively promote the website on the web.
Placing your advert with our website you will take advantage of our promotions across the UK whether its online, or in various location across the UK. You advert may also appear on our QromScreens; our innovative and upcoming service.


We have screens in various locations where we show adverts that choose to be displayed on our screens. We currently cover London and are rapidly expanding into all parts of the UK.
Its a very unique proposition for your advert, whether you are promoting an event, a product, a company. Our display screens will have your advert infront of thousands of Londoners in as little as one hour.
Prices are from £7.50 for 7 days and can be for up 90 days.